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The National Championships of Ukraine (29.08.20)

Dear Exhibitors!

If you registered your dog online (entered the information paid on the web-site for the 2xCACIB “Golden Gates 2020” and “Ukraine 2020” as well as the Championships of Ukraine for several breeds  and now wish to change the class, please send your requests to
In your email you have to indicate the email address from which you have registered your personal account on the web-site, name of the dog as it is written in the pedigree, current class and the class to which you wish to transfer your dog.


Dear friends,
Unfortunately, due to the quarantine in the country international dog shows “Golden Gates 2020” and “Ukraine 2020” planned for April 11-12, 2020 in Kyiv are cancelled.

Registration for the CACIBs and Championships of Ukraine is transferred to our August shows accordingly:
from 11.04 to 29.08
from 12.04 to 30.08

Change of the dog or class is for free. 
Please send the email requesting to change the dog/class on the email




Our traditional International Dog Shows of all breeds “Ukraine 2020” and “Golden Gates 2020” will be held on the 29th and 30th of August 2020 at the International Exhibition Center by the address Brovarskiy Ave 15, Kyiv, Ukraine.


The National Championships of Ukraine and club shows for several breeds will also be held within the frames of the International Dog Shows.


You can get a title of the National Champion of Ukraine just in one weekend!

Registration exhibition "The National Championships of Ukraine (29.08.20) " completed!